I’m a senior – 75 years old – have been doing Rosen Movement for 10 years. It has improved my balance and keeps me moving. It’s fun, non-strenuous and done to a variety of music. We work in a circle at times and support each other for balance. The movements work your entire body and if anything hurts, you just don’t push yourself to do it. I would recommend this class for seniors who are thinking of starting exercise.

Kasea, age 75

Rosen has been a great help for me. I have several injuries that cause pain but Jetta’s class is a fun and safe place to keep moving and get in touch with m body. The people are great.

Mary, age 71

Rosen – great exercise in a friendly, caring environment. Jetta is very considerate about each person’s needs and capabilities.

Becky, age 70

People tell me I’m in good shape for my age. One of the main reasons is my Rosen Method exercise – its method is designed to work your whole body.

Jeanne, age 80

I’m eighty-four years old and have been doing Rosen ever since the beginning. Can’t remember the number of years, but they certainly have been worthwhile.

Virginia, age 84

The Rosen class has helped me immensely, I am eighty years old and the class has improved my balance, and relieved a lot of pain in muscles and joints. I shall keep going as long as possible. Thank you.

Pat, age 80